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Wayne’s Soviet T-72 Tank Battalion Red Thunder Update

The release of Red Thunder has got me thinking about what else I might like to add to my Soviet force. I already have well over 100 points painted or in the painting queue, any expansion might be looking at a second battalion, but what?

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I might as well go for a Motor Rifle Battalion as I already have one full strength BMP-2 Motor Rifle Company painted. To make painting another compulsory unit not too daunting I’ll just add a medium strength BMP Motor Rifle Company, but I’m not sure if I want BMP-1 or BMP-2 transports. I’ll paint the infantry and think about the vehicles later. Later I might paint some BTR-60s so I can either field the whole battalion in BMPs or BTRs.

To go with the Motor Rifle Battalion I’ll also add some BRDM-2 recon and some other vehicles based on the BRDM-2 like the Spandrel and SA-9 Gaskin, just because I like the look of them.

Waynes Team Yankee Soviets

Waynes Team Yankee Soviets

The easy support unit to choose was some more anti-tank in the form of the Storm anti-tank guided missile vehicle, who can go past AT23? In addition to the Storms, I’ll add a pair of SA-8 Geckos, which should deal with any pesky strike aircraft. I’ll also add a battery of 2S3 Acacia heavy self-propelled howitzers. These can also have Krasnopol laser-guided projectile, but if I take the Krasnopol I must remember to also get the BMP-1 OP to guide them to their target.

I’m very tempted by the T-64, but I really need to finish my T-72s first. So many other units I could get, but this will do for the moment, well, at least until the idea of a third battalion comes to mind. However, that may require a bigger wargames table, or perhaps a bigger house.

Anyway this would give me:

Wayne's T-72 Tank Battalion
BMP-Motor Rifle Battalion HQ  
AK-74 team (x 1) 1 point
BMP-2 (x 1) 1 point
  Total: 2 Points
BMP-2 Motor Rifle Company (Full Strength) - Already Painted  
AK-74 team with RPG-18 anti-tank (x 10)  
RPG-7 anti-tank team (x 9)  
PKM LMG team (x 2)  
BMP-2 (x 12)  
SA-14 Gremlin AA missile team & BMP-2  
  Total: 26 Points
BMP-? Motor Rifle Company (Mid Strength)  
AK-74 team with RPG-18 anti-tank (x 7)  
RPG-7 anti-tank team (x 6)  
PKM LMG team (x 2)  
BMP-? (x 9)  
  Total: 14 or 18 Points
Additional Units  
BRDM-2 Recon Platoon (x 4) 2 points
SA-9 Gaskin (x 4) 2 points
Spandrel (x 3) 2 points
  Total: 6 Points
Support Units  
Storm (x 3) 3 points
2S3 Acacia (x 3) 5 points
Sa-8 Gecko (x 2) 4 points
  Total: 12 Points
Waynes Team Yankee Soviets
Waynes Team Yankee Soviets Waynes Team Yankee Soviets

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