Panzertruppen Panzertruppen
West German Expansion
A printed expansion to Leopard: West Germans in WWIII

Panzertruppen is an expansion to Leopard: West Germans in WWIII. It allows you to field full Panzer companies of Leopard I tanks and Panzergrenadiers riding to battle in M113 APCs!

Panzertruppen expands the options available to West German generals with a brand new Force – Panzergrenadier Brigade 1 – and three new Formations: a Leopard 1 Panzer Kompanie, an M113 Panzergrenadier Kompanie and a Fuchs Panzeraufklärungs Kompanie.

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When we released the Afghantsy briefing for the Soviets, which was originally intended as a Digital Exclusive, we soon discovered that there was plenty of demand for a printed version, so we realised we might as well get it printed in booklet form – especially since we need to get the cards to people as well.

Panzertruppen is a 12-page, full-colour booklet that comes with a complete set of 10 Panzertruppen cards, including:

  • Panzergrenadier Brigade 1 Force Card
  • 2x Leopard 1 Panzer Kompanie HQ Cards
  • 1x M113 Panzergrenadier Kompanie HQ Card
  • 3x M113 Panzergrenadier Zug
  • 1x M113 Transport
  • 1x Fuchs PanzeraufklärungsKompanie HQ Card
  • 1x Movement order reference card
Panzertruppen x1 Panzertruppen x1
Panzertruppen Panzertruppen
x2 x1
Panzertruppen Panzertruppen
x3 x1
Panzertruppen x1


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