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Plastic Soviet Infantry

New Plastics Preview
We've received our first 'hot of the tool' shots of the new Flexible Plastic ,  Team Yankee Soviet infantry as well as the Mid War American infantry and vehicle crews. These new figures look great and we are excited to be able to share these first pictures with you.

New Plastics Preview...

Wayne Prepares for FlamesCon 2017
Wayne is heading to Flamescon this weekend for his first Team Yankee tournament. We've all been playing a lot of Team Yankee games recently thanks to the Firestorm Campaign so he is leaving his Soviets at home and preparing his West Germans for battle...

Wayne Prepares for FlamesCon 2017...

Happy Wayne

Apartment Building

Urban Battlefields - Apartment Buildings
This week Chris plays civil engineer in his Team Yankee town and takes a closer look at how one Apartment Building is good, but three (or four) are better!

Urban Battlefields - Apartment Buildings...

And The Winners Are...
We hope that everyone that played games during our Firestorm: Red Thunder had fun and enjoyed their experience. For a few lucky players around the world there were also some amazing Limited Edition prizes for participating and entering their results into the Global Campaign hosted by the team at Beasts Of War.

Firestorm: Red Thunder Prize Winners

Firestorm Red Thunder

Firestorm Survey

Firestorm Survey
Did you get a chance to check out our massive Firestorm Campaign? If so we would love to hear from you about your experiences so we can make sure that we fine-tune how it works to give you the best possible experience.

We have created a Google Form for you to fill in so that we can shape future campaigns, it is nice and short and will only take a minute to fill but your answers will be invaluable to us.

Firestorm Questionaire (hosted on Google Docs)...

The Battlefront Team Needs You!
The Battlefront Group are looking for new team members in both the American and European offices. If you think you have what it takes to join a fast paced dynamic company then have a look at the roles available below:

  • Customer Service Representative (USA)
  • Account Manager (USA)
  • Account Manager (Europe)
Job Opportunity at Battlefront Maryland

For more information and contact details click here...

Team Yankee Wallpapers

Test Your Team Yankee Skills at Fall-In!
Come test your Team Yankee skills against the guys from WWPD at HMGS's Fall-in! WWPD will be running Team Yankee Demos Friday and Saturday (3-4 Nov) at Fall-in, find them near that day's Flames of War tournament and play a 30-minute, 35-point game with them and get a free Team Yankee sprue! Win and you get a $5 coupon from Battlefront towards and army box set. Maybe even play against a list from Stripes!  No models needed just show and test your skills!

Test Your Team Yankee Skills at Fall-In!

Firestorm: Red Thunder - What Happened?
Watching the Firestorm: Red Thunder campaign develop was a blast for all of us here at Battlefront. Phil has put together a recap of what happened and drawn some conclusions on how each of the Nations performed over the course of this first phase.

Firestorm: Red Thunder - What Happened?

Firestorm Campaign Map

Firestorm Behind The Scenes

Firestorm: Red Thunder Behind The Scenes
A lot of players were very curious as to how things were run behind the scenes. ‘What are the rules?’ was a common question. So we made Phil stay behind last night and write up a second article about how things worked behind the curtain.

Firestorm: Red Thunder Behind The Scenes...

“Shtuka” Hobby Festival
“Shtuka” Hobby Festival gathered a great bunch of geeks of all sorts at the Central House of Artists in Moscow on the 2nd and 3rd of September, 2017.

Among many others, “Voevoda” club participated in the event, playing two Team Yankee Total War games at 165 points and three players per side, as well as two Flames of War Total War games for Early War, 3000 points and 2 players per side.

The “Shtuka” Hobby Festival in Moscow...

Shtuka Hobby Festival 

Team Yankee

Flames Of War and Team Yankee
2017 and beyond

It has been six months since the release of Mid War and the new edition of the game that we would like to give you an update on the projects that the Studio team is working on.

Flames Of War and Team Yankee, 2017 and beyond
Part One...
Part Two...

Team Yankee Quick Missions
Quick Missions for Smaller Forces

With the Firestorm Campaign running we have been playing a lot of lunch time games here in the Studio. To get a result in a limited amount of time we have been trying out games with smaller armies. We then thought "let's make some themed missions related to the campaign designed for these smaller armies."

Download the Quick Missions Pack PDF...

Team Yankee Quick Missions

More Missions Pack

More Missions Update
Updated 14 September

Gamers have played many thousands of games since Team Yankee and Version 4 of Flames Of War were released, many of them played using the More Missions packs. With so many games being played, we’ve received lots of useful feedback on how the packs can be improved. After pondering the feedback and suggestions, we’ve made some changes and now we need you help in testing them.

More Missions Update with Phil...

Team Yankee Wallpapers
Several people have asked us for Team Yankee-themed wallpapers to decorate their computer desktops.

Team Yankee Wallpapers...

Team Yankee Wallpapers

Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet
Numerous people asked for a handy printable version of the quick reference sheet from the back of the Team Yankee rulebook. So we have made a PDF version in a few different formats for you to download and print out, and perhaps have it laminated.

Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet...

Team Yankee Quick Reference Sheet

Team Yankee FAQ Update - 28 September 2017
Field Manual 101 - FAQ PDF

Phil has updated Field Manual 101, the Frequently Asked Questions document for Team Yankee.

Field Manual 101 - FAQ (572kB)

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Early December Releases
FW912 Stripes, 72 Page Hardback
TUSAB3 Ryan’s Leathernecks
TUS901 Marine Dice Set

TSBX18 Motor Rifle Company (Plastic)
TSU703 Motor Rifle Platoon (Plastic)
TSU706 Motor Rifle Heavy Weapons (Plastic)
TSU727 Afgantsy Heavy Weapons (Plastic)

Mid December Releases
TUBX07 UH-1 Huey Platoon (Plastic)
TUBX08 IPM1 Abrams Tank Platoon (x5) (Plastic)
TUBX09 Chaparral SAM Platoon (x4)
TUBX10 M247 Sergeant York AA Platoon (x4)

Mid January Releases
TUBX11 M60 Patton Tank Platoon
TUBX12 AV-8 Harrier Attack Flight
TUBX13 Rifle Platoon (55 Figures)

Late January Releases
TUBX14 HMMWV Platoon (x6) (Plastic)
TUBX15 AAVP7 Platoon (x2)
TUBX16 LAV Platoon (4x) (Plastic)
TUBX17 M551 Sheridan Tank Platoon (x4)

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